Fans and Air Handling (ASEL)

We design, build, optimise and refurbish industrial air and gas flow systems including combustion air systems, industrial heating and drying, pneumatic conveying, fans, scrubbing systems, ventilation systems and dust extraction.

Mainstream Engineering Ltd (MEL) is proud to continue delivering ASEL equipment and air handling design services. The ASEL range has been focused on industrial air and gas handling solutions since 1978. We can also project manage the installation of fans and air handling systems.

Industrial ventilation, air and gas system design

Mainstream Engineering can design or optimise your industrial ventilation, air and gas handling system. Our fully engineered fans, cyclones, separators, heat exchangers, flow measurement aerofoils, diverter valves and controls are used throughout New Zealand. We also design and manufacture ASEL industrial radial and axial flow fans.

We can also design systems for pneumatic conveying, of bulk solids using air or other gas. Typical bulk materials pneumatically conveyed are powders, wood fiber, sawdust, pellets, granules and irregularly shaped particles smaller than 20 mm.

Industrial dust collection and extraction design

We are experienced in industrial dust and particulate extraction systems including dust control design, dust and mist separator systems, ducting designs, cyclones, bag filters and scrubbing systems.

Air Dryers

MEL has considerable experience working with air flotation dryer fans and can supply replacement units.

Industrial air, gas and dust handling system testing

MEL can carry out velocity, volumetric, temperature, pressure and humidity measurements for industrial air, gas and dust handling systems. We possess the tools, expertise and experience to design, optimise or troubleshoot your plants new or existing air, gas and dust handling systems. Working with you and your personnel to investigate and understand your system, we offer fast and accountable service at your doorstep.

Testing can include:

● Critical speed and resonance analysis.
● CFD (computational fluid dynamics).
● Humidity measurement and data logging.
● Air flow, pressure, temperature, and humidity measurement.
● Fan curve plotting and analysis.
● Analysis of liquid and gas flow and heat transfer conditions.

Let us know your requirements and we can use our expertise to design, supply and install a solution to suit your needs.