Project Management


Delivery of industrial project management compliant with the client’s business objectives. Mainstream Engineering Ltd (MEL) are well versed in Working in industrial, manufacturing and utility businesses we have many years of experience in planning, co-ordinating and successfully delivering engineering projects. To avoid project delays and expensive over runs, MEL’S skilled team clearly defines a project from the outset.

Some examples of project management include: Nicholson Chipper Replacement, Factory Roof Replacement, Corrosion protection on short plant shut-down timeline and Warm Water Tank Replacement.

Engineered Design

MEL are able work with green and brown field installations. When working with existing installations we determine the best way to integrate new equipment or improve the existing system, with careful consideration of budget requirements and risk. As experienced industrial design engineers we can pinpoint common issues and mitigate common hazards.


Achieving the balance between the available time, money, and resources to meet objectives. Scoping can include: pre-feasibility and feasibility studies; capex development assistance; design, project scoping and specification; cost estimation; budget development and control; risk review and analysis. See more here about our engineering services.


We can handle the management of purchasing goods and services from external organisations through scope of works, contract development and evaluation, tender and RFP development and evaluation, procurement documentation and bill of materials. We specialise in supplying difficult to procure industrial equipment and machinery, working with national and international material suppliers, machine and fabrication specialists. Read more about our industrial procurement services.

Installation, Planning and Project Control

Ensuring your project flows smoothly with the necessary documentation including: Critical path management; contract development and negotiation; detailed scheduling; shutdown planning; work Pack development; people supervision and leadership; health and safety management, monitoring and reporting; Manufacturing and construction monitoring and reporting; programme monitoring and reporting, actual versus planned.

Quality Assurance

Finishing a project on time and within budget that does not meet the required level of quality means a successful result has not been delivered. Mainstream Engineering take delivering quality seriously by providing good quality processes.

A project is not complete until all aspects of the project are finalised and accounted for, only then can handover and close out happen. We can deliver:

  • Quality handover packages & documentation
  • Finalised equipment lists, spare parts, bills of materials, as built drawings & documentation
  • Budget updating, finalisation & reporting
  • Programme updating, finalisation & reporting
  • Close out reporting and handover
  • Lessons learned – a formal process for improvement