Hazard Assessment & Safety Guarding


Experienced in delivering practical hazard assessment audits and implementing safety and compliance solutions while maintaining critical equipment operational functionality. Our machine safety-guarding is AS/NZS 4024 safety of machinery compliant and processes are applicable to both new and existing plant and equipment.

Everyone wants to get home safely to spend time doing the things we love. The safety of our workforce and increasing accountability of PCBU’s requires due attention to health and safety in everything we do.

The complete MEL hazard assessment audit is a six-step process:
(As a minimum MEL would provide steps 1 and 2 and further steps as clients may require)

1. Practical hazard assessment audits.

MEL follows a systematic procedure involving standardised documentation to identify and assess hazards, risks and potential risk management measures. This industry proven system can be used effectively on entire plants, selected areas or individual machines.

2. Risk evaluation.

Prioritised risk rating that considers likelihood, consequence, frequency and scale/exposure. We work with clients via a consultative process to identify compliant and appropriate risk management solutions

3. Machinery safety guard design.

The MEL design team develops robust, practical and efficient design solutions that best meet our client’s needs.

4. Machinery safety guard manufacture.

We manufacture standardised or custom designed safety-guarding systems.

5. Installation of safety guarding.

Installation of safety guarding systems on site, ensuring quality control at every step.

6. Safety monitoring

As part of a client’s scheduled maintenance programme, we complete regular monitoring and review of control measures to ensure their continued effectiveness and compliance.

Mainstream Engineering (MEL) also specialise in project management for the installation of industrial equipment and maintenance engineering for plants.