Jan 2020 to Oct 2021
North Island

MCC replacement and rationalisation

Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd. (Pan Pac) have a number of existing MCC’s that are reaching end of life. As a result, Pan Pac are replacing their 1970's 415Volt MCC’s as part of a site wide MCC replacement and rationalisation project. There have been 4 MCC’s designed, manufactured and installed, with more planned.

The fundamentals for the MCC replacement program are to manage the increasing risk and consequence of failure and subsequentially, managing the risk to operations and maintenance personnel.

The MCC project included the upgrade of field circuits, replacement of cabling and associated PLC’s and MCC’s.

A risk review and functional safety exercise was conducted and items requiring replacement were identified, enabling compliance with the reclassification of drives and associated field components. The risk review, safety categorisation and detailed design validation were carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 4024.

The work was successfully completed by working collaboratively with all parties to deliver an on time and within budget result. MEL were responsible for:

  • Concept design
    • Scope development
    • Provisional switchroom layout
    • Drive and cable schedules
    • Bills of materials
    • Conceptual MCC & PLC panel general arrangements
    • Cable routing
    • Cable block diagrams
  • Detailed design
    • Switch room layouts
    • Remote I/O panels and design
    • Motor Starter diagrams
    • LV & ELV power design
    • PLC I/O schedules and schematics
    • Bills of materials for safe and non-safe PLCs
    • Interconnection schedules
    • Single line diagrams
    • Arc Flash detection
    • VESDA smoke detection
    • Communications network schematics
    • Fault load calculations and analysis
  • Procurement support
    • Request for tender package complementation and tender let
    • Tender technical and commercial bid evaluations
    • Installation package scope of work
  • Construction and commissioning planning
  • Total Installed Cost (TIC) Capital cost estimation