August 2016
North Island

Industrial Plant Ventilation system

Design and supply of an improved ventilation system

Design and supply of an improved ventilation system for a large industrial plant which included the installation of new ASEL fans. The solution significantly improved ventilation, dramatically reduced humidity, fog and temperature on the operating floor which resulted in improved personnel comfort.

Our engineering experts at Mainstream Engineering (MEL) not only significantly improved ventilation but also exceeded TAPPI requirements. The ventilation design eliminated condensation on the roof trusses and the possibility of corrosion. The design resulted in an efficient, reliable and quiet ventilation system.

The design process included:

  • Defining acceptable air temperature and humidity levels according to TAPPI guidelines.
  • CFD modelling to optimize the ventilation requirements.
  • Ventilation system design, fan selection, inlet and discharge ducting to suit new roof truss, vibration and noise predictions and solutions, equipment supply, and installation of the new ventilation system.
  • Vibration and noise predictions were carried out to minimise the potential for vibration being transmitted into the roof structure and unwanted noise propagating to the surrounding residential area.

MEL carried out the design, supply, build and install of new ASEL fans, inlet ducting with low loss inlet and discharge ducting.

# of fans supplied: 4
Design: Axial (manual variable pitch blades)
Impeller diameter: 1,200 mm
Inlet Volume: 10 m3/sec
Fan total pressure: 175 Pa
Fan speed:  750 rpm (fixed)
Performance standard: ISO 5801 Type D installation
Material of construction: 316 Stainless steel
Design temperature: 30 C  @ 90% RH