Feb 2020 to Oct 2022
South Island

Facilities Health & Safety Upgrade

Mainstream Engineering (MEL) was engaged to carry out a Health & Safety upgrade of a client’s facilities, comprising over 80 individual sites. Solutions were provided for fixed guarding, perimeter guarding, motor upgrades and access platform upgrades.

The project involved risk assessment, reporting with recommendations for upgrades, fabrication and the installation of risk reduction solutions that complied with AS/NZS4024 and AS/NZS 1657. Work was packaged into facility areas and completed progressively, with compliance sign off and client inspection for each package.
The successful project outcome was achieved via a strong focus on health and safety, strict compliance with permitting systems, minimising the impact on operations, and good communication with all project stakeholders.

Scope of Work:

  1. Hazard identification and risk assessment
  2. Recommendations and design approval
  3. Fabrication of risk reduction solutions
  4. Installation and supervision
  5. Compliance review


MEL used its collaborative guarding design process to work through and capture related information/decisions during the design. Guarding reports were progressively updated as new items were added to the work scope. The solutions were predominantly focused on rotational machinery guarding so in most cases local fixed guarding was provided, however perimeter guarding was supplied where multiple local fixed guards would have been inconvenient and costly.MEL subcontracted the fabrication and installation of the guarding work to a local fabricator and managed the installation.

The project scope was extended to include supply, installation and commissioning of new motors, to replace existing motors which were at or near the end of their useful life. 18 motors were replaced, ranging in size from 4 kW to 75 kW. MEL worked with a local electrical subcontractor to carry out the installation and commissioning work.

Some improvements to plant accessibility were also identified during the project. A total of 7 platforms were selected for upgrade. All the platforms were located in awkward locations involving confined space and working at heights, so careful planning and management of health and safety activity were critical to a successful outcome. There were challenges with manoeuvring platform materials into the confined spaces for installation, as the available opening size was only 1600mm x 600mm. The platforms and ladder/stair access items were designed to be installed piece meal and manually handled in sections. They were then assembled and bolted together inside the confined space.

The hatch access into the confined spaces also required upgrading. MEL incorporated a custom designed and built access cover which enabled safe access into the space with full edge projection, that folded neatly inside the hatch cover when not in use.

MEL carried out the measure up, design and prepared the fabrication drawings for platforms and project managed all activities. MEL subcontracted the fabrication, installation of the platforms and alteration of concrete work to a local civil contractor. Some level sensing instrumentation was also identified for replacement and MEL worked with a local electrical contractor for this portion.