May 2020 to Jan 2023
South Island

Dam Mechanical Systems Design

Mainstream Engineering (MEL) provided engineering services for a major dam installation. The services comprised FEA and CFD modeling, detailed design calculations, production of fabrication drawings, procurement assistance, liaison with fabricators, quality management and project coordination with other engineering disciplines.

The work was successfully completed while working to a tight timeline. Good communication and cooperation with the customer and other parties meant the integration of MEL’s contribution to the project was efficient and effective.

Scope of work included:

  1. Design review and material review for the penstock pipes
  2. Design of outlet structure access stairways and platforms which provided maintenance and operational access to the outlet control valves
  3. Design of penstock crossover stairways and upstream valve access platforms
  4. Design of the two mobile intake screens. 2 x 8.6 tonne intakes that can be winched up the dam face to the surface for cleaning. The complete upper screen section is fully removable or individual screen panels can be removed. The design included over pressurisation safety hatches, instrumentation and floating cable for instrument feedback to the surface
  5. Design of the screen cleaning platforms, access stairs and security fencing
  6. Design of the winching arrangement including sheaves, wire ropes, winch covers etc.
  7. Procurement assistance for the Winch purchase including specification and control requirements
  8. Concept design of the fish pass pumping system (not installed)
  9. Design provisions for the installation of a micro hydro system
  10. Production of manuals and quality certification