August 2017
North Island, New Zealand

Biofilter Fan Performance

Biofilter and air handling - unacceptable odours.

Assistance in the investigation of unacceptable odours in relation to the Biofilter and air handling system of a plant. The system is comprised of the odour control fan, cooling system (spray towers) and the biofilter and draws odours from 5 separate processes. The customer was experiencing unacceptable odours and engaged Mainstream Engineering Ltd (MEL) to investigate the performance of the Biofilter system and equipment.

Working in collaboration with a specialist consultant and the customer, it was determined that the system under performance was mainly due to a shortage of airflow required for the efficient functioning of the biofilter.

Installing a second fan operating in series with the existing fan was the final solution. The fan was custom designed for the required airflow and to fit into the very tight space that was available.

The result was a cost effective and efficient solution.
MEL carried out the design, supply and build of the new ASEL fan.

Details of the fan as follows:
Design: ASEL Heavy duty backward curved plate bladed impeller
Impeller diameter: 1020mm
Speed: 1650rpm at design
Control: Variable speed drive
Arrangement: AMCA Arrangement 4 with inlet box
Materials: Austenitic Stainless Steel