October 2019
North Island

Automatic processing line stainless steel safety fence

A unique design compliant with high safety and hygiene standards.

Mainstream Engineering (MEL) were engaged to design an AS/NZS 4024 compliant safety fence solution that would fit within the available floor area and meet strict H&S, hygiene, operational and maintenance requirements. The limited floor area available for a major upgrade from a manual to an automatic processing line meant the OEM’s safety fence design was not suitable and needed replacing.

The unique safety fence design from MEL is stainless steel with sliding/overlapping doors that do not touch the floor. This results in a safety fence design which is easy to clean and compliant while meeting high hygiene standards. Trial door assemblies were completed at the fabricators workshop with the customer present to ensure correct operation before delivery to site. Proximity door switches were also integrated into the mechanical design to allow for interlocking when in operation and during maintenance/cleaning.

Scope of Work:

  1. Concept to be ratified by customer’s H&S, hygiene, operations and maintenance teams
  2. Detailed design
  3. Provide competitive pricing for fabrication and installation
  4. Fabrication review
  5. Installation review and supervision

Working collaboratively with the customer and fabricator, MEL were able to successfully deliver the required solution in a short time frame.