MEL 2018 October Newsletter

Welcome to the MEL Newsletter – October 2018.

October is wellness & safety month.  MEL places the highest importance on it’s team members and contractor’s safety and well being.  This month MEL is busy reviewing all of our policies and procedures and promoting the importance of health and safety throughout all aspects of our business.

National Woodskills Competition

MEL was a proud sponsor for the National Woodskills Competition 2018 held in Kawerau last month.  The National Woodskills Competition, New Zealand’s premier festival celebrating all things wood, runs alongside WoodFest.  This year there were over 15 categories for the artistic wood workers to consider. There was a change to the college-age category, with woodcrafting of any sort being encouraged by year 9-13 students. In previous years there were good levels of junior entrants and even more were seen this year.

Up and coming conferences.

NMEC – Rotorua 13-15 November 2018

Mainstream Engineering Ltd (MEL) are full members of the Engineering NZ and Maintenance Engineering Society of NZ.   Each year MEL attends the annual conference which has a large range of experts and hands-on engineers coming together to share their maintenance engineering journeys and latest industry insights.
The conference includes three international keynote speakers, 25 speakers from local & abroad and great networking opportunities – and it is all packed into two days. This is an opportunity to learn from the experts and take that knowledge away to improve plant and maintenance performance.
Topics include:

  • Using Machine Learning Technology to create Smarter, Healthier Machines
  • Regenerative Power Supply Drive Units –reducing demand on the grid
  • Protecting carbon steel in extreme environments
  • Hydraulic Equipment Analytics – Lifeline to Health
  • Intelligent Fluid Management – Real Time Monitoring
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Engineering
  • Cyber Security in Industry.  How vulnerable is your plant?
  • Why all engineers need to understand the basics of Asset Management?
  • Ultrasonic Arc Detection
  • Use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to improve the life of plant assets

This year the Conference will be held at the Rotorua Energy Events  Centre  on the 13-14-15 November 2018.

Feature Project Information.

CFD study investigating dispersion of gas discharged from a stack

MEL completed a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study to determine the dispersion of gas discharged from a 450mm diameter by 10m high stack. The stack discharge results from a rapid release of gas from a pressurised storage tank.

A transient computational fluid flow time analysis was performed as the initial discharge rate was significant but dropped progressively as the tank pressure reduced.

Various scenarios were analysed investigating the effects of different discharge rates along with ambient environmental temperatures, wind velocity and wind direction conditions.

The results of the study show gas concentration levels as it discharges from the stack and disperses into the environment over time.  The results were used to investigate the environmental effects of a gas discharge.

The gas concentrations shown in the animations are visualised by iso-surfaces representing three gas concentration ranges of interest.

A short animation also shows the results over time.