Recovery boiler rebuild and seismic upgrade

January 1970

One of the most significant projects we have been involved with over the last 4+ years is the RB2 Rebuild project at CHH Tasman.  The Mainstream Team have been involved and supporting CHH in the total cycle of this project, supplying Management, Design, Planning/Scheduling, Construction Supervision and Administrative services. 

This started with the initial identification of reliability issues leading to more in-depth inspections and condition assessment.  We then together worked on the development and implementation of short term repair solutions to allow safe operation through to when the furnace could be replaced.  Concurrently with the shorter term repairs we worked with CHH to develop various replacement strategies to identify the most cost effective solution while minimising the downtime to the mill.  We travelled with CHH to the USA and Europe to identify and engage suitable equipment suppliers then worked with these international suppliers to design and supply new furnace and combustion equipment.  This progressed to working with local suppliers to assemble and install the equipment. 

This project provided many challenges including detailed inspection and condition reporting of a large and important asset, communication and coordination with international suppliers across the globe, transporting of 9m x 10m x 5m furnace modules from Gothenburg-Sweden to Kawerau-NZ, then assembly on site into a ~9m x ~9m x ~10m module and 18m long panels and installation into a building surrounded by existing equipment. The investment of nearly $70m by CHH is a major investment and helps secure the future of the mill. All phases were completed within the financial budget, within 4% of the planned shut down time and with an excellent overall safety record.

CHH RB2 Project Manager Warrick Moore adds “this was a key project for CHH, it involved many challenges and success was important to minimise downtime and to demonstrate to our owners that we have the capability for such projects.  Mainstream has been a valued part of the team to achieve the rebuild.  Their background knowledge in Tasman, boiler equipment and ability to source project people as the project grew has been appreciated. We went in to this project together with a goal to complete as much as possible in house and to utilise NZ resources. The project has been a great learning exercise for all involved and has bought new people to the area, developing additional skills into the CHH and Mainstream Team, building local competence for future projects. I would like to thank all those from Mainstream for providing a valued contribution to the project.